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Hamilton’s claim to fame is not in the exciting thrills around it, but in the quiet peacefulness you can find here. The people are kind and gracious, you can still hear the cows in the morning from the center of town, and children still ride their bikes through the streets after school.

Even though it’s pretty quiet here, there are a few day trips from Hamilton that offer a bit more variety than quilting. . .


Jamesport is about 30 minutes from Hamilton and is a famous Amish community. They have bakeries, homemade cheeses, gardens, and so much more! Tours are always available, and often there are festivals as well. If you’d like to check out their festival schedules, here’s a link to their website: As you explore Jamesport you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.


Chillicothe is 30 minutes from Hamilton as well, and offers the closest movie theater and bowling alley available. It’s a favorite destination for date nights, providing great food and entertainment. El Toro is one of the best Mexican restaurants you’ll ever visit, and the city park is one right out of a fairytale. During the winter months the park transforms into a drive-through Christmas light show that will take your breath away. There is also a water park and several shops in town. But Chillicothe is most famous for its oversized murals featured throughout the town.

Wallace State Park

Wallace is a short 20 minute drive from Hamilton and is located just outside Cameron, MO. This beautiful park offers RV camping, beautiful creeks, and a small lake. The rolling, forested, hillsides will remind you of the Ozarks, and the peaceful walking trails will bring your soul rest. Nothing can quite compare to sitting on one of the benches overlooking the park, listening to the birds singing and the water trickling over the rocks. It’s one of my hidden sanctuaries.


Liberty is a bit further away, a 45 minute drive from Hamilton, but it’s well worth the trip! In Liberty you can find shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, parks, sporting events, and so much more! Locals refer to Liberty as going to “the city”. There’s a lot of history that can be found in Liberty, including Liberty Jail and Watkins Mill. It’s a wonderful town that blends the comforts and provisions of a large city with the welcoming feel of a small town.


If you find during your travels that I’ve left out an important trip, please let me know! I will be more than happy to add some of your favorite spots to this list. Happy shopping!